Treat your mother to a beautiful Queen® Flowers bouquet

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Mark Mother's Day 2025 with a big cross in the calendar so that you won’t forget to gift the best mum in the world with flowers. When you treat your mum to Mother’s Day flowers, you are showing your gratitude, appreciation and love. You see, flowers are more than just flowers. With a beautiful and colourful bouquet from Queen® Flowers, you can show your mum how much you really adore and appreciate her.

The perfect Mother’s Day gift for your everyday hero

She’s washed your smelly socks and comforted you through all your heartaches. She often gives the best advice and the warmest hugs. She makes you laugh and is always there to help you with everyday issues whenever you need it. Your mother’s an everyday hero. Give her flowers to show her how much she means to you on Mother’s Day – and every other day of the year too. She deserves it!

A beautiful luxury bouquet from Queen® Flowers is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. It is guaranteed to brighten up her home beautifully, spread joy for weeks to come and remind her that she is someone very special. Our webshop offers a wide range of beautiful bouquets especially for Mother’s Day where you can add a sweet card and write a personal message for your mum. You can also spoil her with an exciting gift set consisting of flowers and sweet treats. We are sure to have something your mum will love. Your flower order will be delivered to her door in a beautiful specially designed box on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day flowers

Mother’s Day flowers needn’t be just a beautiful bouquet. You can also give pretty potted plants in feminine colours, which will look lovely in any room at home. Whether you want to surprise and spoil your mum, grandmother, mother-in-law, bonus mum, stepmum or friend who is a mum, you’re guaranteed to spread weeks of joy when you give them a flower gift from Queen® Flowers.

Our bouquets bloom for at least 3 weeks, while our potted plants flower beautifully for at least 5 weeks. Often they last even longer than that, and require only minimal maintenance.

Give a creative flower heart

Need some Mother’s Day inspiration for creativity at home? Be inspired to make a beautiful flower heart with our long-lasting flower stems.

The heart shown here is made of flowers from Queen® Flowers and an oasis heart, available in a choice of sizes. This is a personal and sweet alternative to the traditional Mother’s Day bouquet, guaranteed to warm your mum’s heart and make an extra big impression. The flowers are available on our webshop and in various supermarkets and garden centres.

Make a personal flower frame 

Do you want to make your Mother’s Day present even more personal? Find your favourite pictures of memories with your mother and create a surprise that without a doubt will spread joy and show her, she is the best in the world. The elegant flower frame is decorated with pretty, long-lasting spring flowers from Queen® Flowers. The flowers are carefully glued to the frame.

 A Blossoming Card

Create your personalized blossoming card for someone close to your heart. It's a simple DIY project that brings the biggest smiles. So, if you feel like writing loving thoughts to someone you cherish, making a beautiful and personalized card is a perfect idea. You can use all types of flowers from our collection, including potted plants, bunches, and bouquets. There's a multitude of colours available, so only your imagination sets the limits. Check out our guide on how to do it, or let your creativity run wild.