Blooming flowers for spring

After those cold, dark winter months, spring is finally emerging. The days are getting longer and lighter. Use beautiful spring flowers to spread colour, life and light indoors and bring the joy of spring sprouting into your home.

Right now, our online shop has a large selection of beautiful spring flowers to help you kickstart the spring mood and the anticipation of warmer times. Use the flowers individually or as part of beautiful, creative spring decorations.


Create a lovely spring atmosphere at home

When the grass finally grows, the flowers bloom, and the world turns green, it’s time to kickstart the summer. A great way to do this is by filling your home with beautiful spring flowers from Queen® Flowers. Flowers help to give the home setting a fresh spring breeze – even if the spring weather takes a long time to arrive. So instead of sighing over grey rainy days in April, get in the spring mood with a beautiful spring decoration or bouquet.

Our beautiful Kalanchoe flowers come in a wide range of lovely spring colours, such as white, pink and yellow, that truly complement the season. The many different sizes and variants make them suitable for all spaces and surfaces in the home. Place our mini plants in pots made from beautiful ceramics on your windowsill or bookshelf and one of our beautiful spring bouquets on the dining table. Or create a large, bright spring flower decoration by grouping several potted plants in a bowl. Place this small, lush oasis in your hallway or bathroom to give these spaces a nice touch of spring. Our flowers can withstand being placed anywhere in the home, where they will stay in bloom for weeks—guaranteed to get you in a wonderful spring mood!

Bouquets in beautiful spring colours

Spring equals renewal! Breathe new life into your home and spread daily joy with a beautiful spring bouquet. We have a large selection of beautiful, colourful bouquets for the season, which just ooze spring.

In addition to the beautiful appearance of the flowers from Queen® Flowers, their unique quality is their long shelf life. Our bouquets last at least 3 weeks, often much longer than that. And there is no need to change water or care for them either.

When you order a spring bouquet from our online shop, it is delivered straight to your door in a sustainable FSC box.

Make stunning flower arrangements for spring parties

Spring is blooming, and so is the desire to get together for the many spring festivities. The calendar is filled with Easter lunches, spring weddings and bank holidays, where beautiful flowers always add the finishing touch to make the setting perfect.

Find inspiration on how to set a beautiful Easter table with our mini potted plants and hand-painted, pastel-coloured eggs, or how to make personalised place cards and napkin decorations for this year’s spring parties. We also give you a detailed DIY guide on the easiest way to make a stunning flower wreath for both occasions or any other cosy gathering that needs a unique finishing touch.

Queen® succulents for the spring months

Do you prefer plants to flowers? Then we also have a wonderful assortment of succulents in stunning shades of green, guaranteed to spread life in your spring home. We have many different varieties, each with its unique appearance, whether you display them individually or group them. A single succulent added to a bookshelf can change the entire look. You can also create a more prominent display of succulents on the window sill, which looks good in a mix of pots and ceramics. If you want your indoor green oasis during the spring months, these succulents are also ideal for planting together.

Succulents fit particularly well into the Scandinavian and minimalist decor, whose sculptural shapes complement the clean, stylish lines. They’re also the perfect plant for those who don’t have any botanical skills and are looking for very low-maintenance plants. Our succulents are extra hardy, last a long time and only need to be watered sparingly.