A Day Filled with Love

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's easy to forget to express how much we care for each other. Mother's Day is the perfect occasion to tell your mother, friend, stepmother, grandmother, or other wonderful women how much you love them. There's nothing quite like an utterly personal card to show and express your feelings for each other. In a personalized card like this, there's thought, creativity, and love put into it. We love it! Here, we guide you on creating your own card for someone you care about.

You can change the text on the front to make the card genuinely personal. Watch the video further down the page, where we demonstrate how you can make the card.

A Blossoming Card

It takes very little to create this beautiful card, and when you use flowers from Queen® Flowers, they can even last for a while without water. You'll need:

Cardstock or a card

Tissue paper

String, scissors, and glue

Beautiful Queen® Flowers bloosoms in the colours you like best.

Let's celebrate all the fantastic women in the world and make an extra effort for Mother's Day.