Dispose of your Queen® Flowers product properly

As a company, we want to make it easier for you to make environmentally friendly choices in your everyday life. That is why we want to guide you on how to properly dispose of your Queen® Flowers products.

At Queen® Flowers, we cannot avoid packaging as it protects and increases the shelf life of our plants. However, we are committed to making it more sustainable. We aim to use recycled as well as recyclable materials. We are constantly looking into new, improved packaging solutions and how best to reduce waste.

Webshop box and paper bags

Should be sorted as cardboard and paper.

Our paper packaging and webshop box with matching bouquet collar are made from FSC-certified paper, so you can be certain that it comes from sustainably forested areas. As we wish to reduce unnecessary deforestation, recycle materials and reduce waste, we very much hope that you will sort this packaging with your cardboard and paper waste.

Plastic bags

Should be sorted as soft plastic.

In addition to our paper packaging, you will also find our potted plants in bags made of plastic . All plastic bags for our potted plants contain recycled plastic, as we want to recycle and protect the environment as much as possible. Recycling plastic has several advantages. For example, it reduces CO2 emissions because it requires much less energy to use recycled plastic than to produce new plastic. In addition, it can prevent plastic from being discarded in the natural environment if we pay more attention to sorting it as plastic waste.

Pots and trays

Should be sorted as hard plastic.

All our pots and trays are made from reused materials collected from households and are therefore also made from recycled plastic. We have changed our pots and trays from black to grey plastic for an important reason. This means they can be scanned correctly and go through the waste sorting machines properly. This leads to a much higher recycling rate of the material when it is sorted and separated correctly.

The plant after use

Should be thrown into compost.

After your potted plants and bouquets have finished flowering, we would like your green waste to be recycled and reused. By throwing it in the compost, you help reduce the amount of waste that is otherwise collected and burned. By reducing the incineration of waste, we help the environment and use fewer resources.

Creating a compost heap with your green waste also has great benefits at home. It provides the finest, nutrient-rich soil for your flowers and garden beds. With soil like this, you can reduce the use of artificial fertilisers and sphagnum, which also benefits the environment.