A cosy autumn with our loved ones

The weather has turned colder, and autumn has arrived. When the leaves start falling from the trees and the autumn wind picks up, we draw indoors and cosy up with family and friends. 

Autumn is a great opportunity to get together around cosy projects such as autumn decorations that create life and warmth. With an autumn decoration of fresh flowers from Queen® Flowers, you can create the perfect cosy autumn setting and bring a burst of life to even the darkest autumn days. Add some candles, potted plants and other decorative elements and you’ve got a warm and cosy autumnal setting around you and your loved ones.

Autumn flowers at home

Blooming flowers don’t just belong to spring and summer. With beautiful, colourful flowers in your home, you can light up even the darkest autumn days. Autumn bouquets and potted plants from Queen® Flowers bloom more and more as the weeks pass by and will add extra beauty to your home decor this season.

By choosing the classic Kalanchoe flower in a beautiful autumn colour like orange, you can create a cosy autumnal atmosphere in your bedroom, living room or bathroom. Group different colours and sizes of potted plants together to create a beautiful contrast in your decor. Both potted plants and bouquets in your home can serve as a little reminder that the dark times won’t last forever and that the buds of spring are just around the corner.

Send an autumn greeting

Flowers always spread joy! That’s what makes flowers so wonderful to both give and receive. If you want to send someone an autumn greeting or need a hostess bouquet for a special occasion, then our autumn bouquets are a beautiful and safe choice.

Autumn bouquets from Queen® Flowers are specially hand-tied and consist of beautiful autumnal colours. They spread blooming joy for weeks on end, as we promise a flowering guarantee of at least 3 weeks. They don’t need any care to remain beautiful, and the water also stays clean and odourless throughout. When you order an autumn bouquet from our online shop, it comes wrapped in beautiful packaging, which makes the recipient feel even more special.

Invite Halloween indoors

In late October, autumn brings a welcome to Halloween. While you’re busy decorating your house with cobwebs and bats, you might as well sneak in a little floral cosiness with a beautiful Halloween flower decoration, potted plant or bouquet. Orange and white flowers from Queen® Flowers are the perfect complement to small pumpkins and candles when you want to decorate and set a scary but cosy Halloween table for the occasion.

Or why not send your loved ones a scarily beautiful autumn bouquet and wish them a happy Halloween?

An explosion of beautiful autumnal colours

Although orange is the ultimate autumnal colour to match the leaves of the trees at this time of year, don’t be afraid to decorate your home with the other beautiful colours autumn has to offer. 

A warm red or a nice pink, whether pale and dusty or dark and bright, can help spread warmth, light and life in the cold autumn months. Our bouquets are available in striking colour combinations, while our colourful potted plants also come in a wide variety of sizes. They look great on their own or planted together in a large bowl as a lovely autumn decoration in your home.

Create different Autumn wreaths

Both autumn weekends and holidays are perfect for cosy moments and creative projects. Make it even more nicer and pleasant to stay indoor with beautiful, homemade autumn wreaths with candles. A Kalanchoe autumn wreath can be made in various colours, shapes and sizes. It can be used for both small square candle decorations, a welcome wreath for the front door or as a standing table wreath. By adding leaves and twigs from the nature, you can give the decoration an extra touch of the season.