Cosy up indoors with candles and flowers

The coldest months of the year have announced their arrival, and the short, dark days are here to stay for a while. When you don’t want to head out into the cold, you need a nice, warm place indoors. Create a cosy oasis in your home with candles and fresh winter flowers. Fresh flowers boost your energy levels and add an extra cosy touch to your decor to help you get through the long winter. 

Be sure to place flowers in several areas of your home to add extra life and warmth. Flowers will add a touch of spring and summer, which most people long for once the cold sets in.

Creative winter ideas

Cold winters call for calmness, contemplation and creativity. It’s the perfect time to lose yourself in a good book or to sit down to create a beautiful winter decoration with flowers. If you’re having people over during the winter months, go the extra mile and decorate a beautiful winter table with our succulents. 

When you’re in need of some beautiful indoor plants to compliment the winter weather outside, the options are endless. Go for the colour and type of flower you like best. Queen® Flowers provides potted plants in different sizes, beautiful winter bouquets and beautiful succulents guaranteed to brighten up your home or serve as the perfect addition to this winter’s creative pursuits.