At least 3 weeks of flowering

Are you ready for a unique flower experience with flowers from Queen® Flowers? Our beautiful flowers are of the Kalanchoe variety, which are known as traditional and extremely long-lasting houseplants. At Queen®, we have further developed this plant into beautiful and colourful cut flowers with fantastic longevity.

One of the unique benefits of our cut flowers and bouquets is that they give you at least 3 weeks of beautiful blooms. And they often stay beautiful even longer than that. There’s no need to care for them either, and the stems have an antiseptic effect. This means the water in the vase remains clear and odourless.

Flowers delivered straight to your door

Bring the seasons indoors with beautiful, colourful bouquets and potted plants! Order from our online shop for quick and easy flower deliveries in Denmark – perfect for both everyday use and special occasions. We deliver straight to your door so you can easily decorate your home with fresh flowers or send a floral greeting to someone you love. Our bouquets come in a beautiful box specially designed to create a unique unboxing experience at home. 

Queen® is a Danish company that has been producing and refining Kalanchoe flowers since 1939. Kalanchoe is a succulent plant that is known for its stunning appearance and long shelf life. 

Potted plants and bouquets that last for weeks

Flowers are more than just flowers. We use flowers to surprise each other, spread joy, show we care and express our feelings. Sometimes we spoil ourselves with flowers to brighten up our day or use them as beautiful table decor when we want to have all our favourite people over for dinner. At Queen®, the passion and pleasure of flowers is essential which we strive to renew and extend every day.

Through several years of breeding work and refinement, Queen® has brought new life to the traditional Kalanchoe and set completely new standards for the shelf life of flowers. This means that we can guarantee that our bouquets bloom for at least 3 weeks, while our potted plants last at least 6 weeks. Our Outdoor flowers for your garden, balcony or terrace, on the other hand, will look beautiful all summer long. 

The longevity of the flowers provides more opportunities of incorporating flowers into your decorations for e.g. special occasions such as birthdays, confirmations, weddings, Easter and Christmas. Create beautiful table settings with a few flower stems and potted plants, or opt for an elegant flower wreath using our colourful bouquets. This page will give you plenty of inspiration for the different seasons and occasions. Click here for inspiration.

Buy flowers with a clear conscience

At Queen®, we always strive to make our plant production better and more sustainable. We want to make a difference while ensuring that you get to buy flowers with a clear conscience.

Our mission is to make every day more beautiful with sustainable, long-lasting plants and flowers. That’s why we have made a number of improvements under the Queen Grows Greener initiative.