A flower heart made with beautiful flowers and love

Do you have one or more strong and wonderful women in your life, and there's nothing better than surprising someone you care about? You can do it with this beautiful and very personal gift. You can shape your oasis just as you want and use the colours you love. Nothing radiates love like something you've put thought, love, and time into. So, go ahead with this DIY guide and make the most beautiful gift for someone you cherish.

DIY guide to creating your personalized flower heart

To make this beautiful flower wreath, you will need the following
Oasis, a hobby knife to shape the oasis into a heart, and water to moisten the form.
Beautiful flowers from Queen® Flowers and pins to make holes for the stems.

Here's how to make it
Shape your oasis into the desired form. In this example, it's a heart shape.
Use something sharp to create small holes to insert the flower stems into later.
These flower stems can be from a Queen® Flowers potted plant, bundles, or bouquets. The number of flowers used depends on the size of your oasis.
You can cut small bunches of your chosen flower and place them into your prepared holes.
Continue this process until the oasis is covered with colourful flowers.
Psst... Due to our flowers' low maintenance requirements and a wet oasis, the flowers can stay beautiful for a long time.

Enjoy your DIY project!