Buy flowers with a clear conscience

At Queen® Flowers, we always strive to make our plant production better and more sustainable. We want to make a difference while ensuring that you get to buy flowers with a clear conscience. 

Our mission is to make every day more beautiful with sustainable, long-lasting plants and flowers. A long shelf-life is a good place to start if you want to make your consumption more sustainable. Our bouquets guarantee at least 3 weeks of flowering, while our potted plants bloom beautifully for at least 4 weeks. Many people experience that they last even longer than that.

Environmentally friendly production

At Queen® Flowers, giving high priority to the environment is a tradition that has been handed down over three generations. Today, this priority and commitment is documented on paper. It is called Queen Grows Greener and we implement it in all aspects of our company.

This includes our production, where we irrigate our plants with rainwater, use biological pest control as a green alternative to pesticides and reduce our energy consumption with LED lights, multilayer curtains, heat exchangers and heat pumps. Our innovative product development strives each year to ensure that we can produce new flowers for you in the most natural way possible. We have big ambitions and dream of becoming completely organic in the future.

Sustainable packaging

At Queen® Flowers, we need packaging, as it protects and increases the longevity of our plants. But we are committed to making it more sustainable! That is why our webshop boxes and paper packaging are made of FSC paper, so you can rest assured that it comes from sustainably and responsibly managed forests. 

We have also changed our pots from black to grey. This means that our pots can be scanned correctly and can go through the sorting machines. They are also made of post-consumer recycled plastic.

Our contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

At Queen® Flowers, we truly believe that we have a duty to help meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We constantly strive to optimise our green profile and make our production more sustainable and future-friendly. We find it only natural to focus on and prioritise goals 12 and 15, which cover responsible consumption and production, as well as protecting and restoring terrestrial ecosystems. We work to reduce the impact of our production activities on the environment by changing the way we produce and consume resources on a daily basis – both now and in the future. This has led to a wide range of more sustainable production initiatives such as biological pest control, use of rainwater, LED lights, multilayer curtains, heat exchangers and paper packaging. We have also established eco-forest and wild flower areas next to the nursery.

Equally important to us are goals 5 and 8, which cover gender equality, decent jobs and economic growth. We are helping to increase local employment and sustainable economic development in Vietnam and Turkey by creating decent jobs for both men and women. We aim to support women’s access to and participation in the job market, leadership positions and decision-making processes – both nationally and internationally. In Turkey, most of our employees are women, while women also represent 50% of the management team in Vietnam. We are also trying to improve their living and working conditions. We take responsibility in the fight against poverty by ensuring good employee rights, equal pay, education, meals, transport to and from work and more.

MPS certifications and plant health

Our sustainability initiatives and improvements for the sake of the environment are documented and reported monthly. The monthly reports are sent to the Milieu Project Sierteelt (MPS), which has managed the MPS environmental registration system since 1993. MPS is an international standard of sustainable and environmentally conscious horticulture, and we are very proud to be MPS-A, MPS-GAP and MPS-SQ certified. Read more about our different certifications here.

In addition to our MPS certifications, Queen® Flowers naturally complies with all EU regulations relating to plant health, in accordance with the latest plant health legislation from 2019. All our plants have a plant passport. It states that the plants are produced at a nursery which is subject to official control. See the passport and read more here.

How to sort waste with your Queen® Flowers products

As a company, we want to make it easier for you to make environmentally friendly choices in everyday life. That is why we would like to guide you on how to sort your Queen® Flowers products properly.

Webshop box and paper bags: Should be sorted as cardboard and paper waste.

Pots and trays: Should be sorted as hard plastic waste. 

Plastic sleeves: Should be sorted as soft plastic.

The plant after use: Should be thrown in compost.

Read more about how to sort your waste here.