Make a beautiful floral wreath with Queen® Flowers

Homemade floral wreaths with fresh, colourful stems are the essence of spring and that outdoor summer feeling. They are perfect as a hair accessory for this year’s confirmation party, graduation, wedding or summer party. Floral wreaths are also ideal at Christmas as a Lucia wreath with candles, as an Advent decoration or floral table decoration. 

Our cut flowers and bouquets are particularly suitable for this kind of creative project, as they are long-lasting and can stay fresh for several days without water. A wreath is guaranteed to add the finishing touch to any special occasion.

DIY floral wreath

To make a Queen® Flowers floral wreath, use a thick, sturdy steel wire, green flower tape, myrtle wire and flowers from Queen® Flowers.

Step 1: Take the thick steel wire and measure it to fit around the head. Before cutting the steel wire, add an extra 5 cm to leave room for the flowers, so that the floral wreath will fit the head comfortably. Twist green floral tape all the way around the wire. Remember to pull the flower tape so that it sticks to the wire properly.

Step 2: Twist the myrtle thread around the wreath a couple of times to secure it. Then cut small bouquets of flowers. Place each bouquet along the steel wire and twist myrtle wire around the stem. The flowers do not have to go 360 degrees around the steel wire, but they must cover at least half of the floral wreath. How you choose to make the floral wreath is up to you.

Step 3: Continue adding the flowers all the way around. Make sure the flowers cover the tape completely. Once you have gone all the way around, finish by twisting the myrtle thread a few times so that the floral wreath doesn’t come loose. Keep the floral wreath cool – but not below 7 degrees – until you’re ready to use it. We recommend that you don’t make the floral wreath more than 3 days before the special occasion.