MPS certifications

Our sustainability initiatives and improvements for the sake of the environment are documented and reported monthly. The monthly reports are sent to the Milieu Project Sierteelt (MPS), which has managed the MPS environmental registration system since 1993. MPS is an international standard of sustainable and environmentally conscious horticulture, and we are very proud to be MPS-A, MPS-GAP and MPS-SQ certified.

As part of being certified by MPS, Queen® agrees to register its consumption of energy, fertilizers and chemicals in the greenhouses; various other categories of waste are also registered. Each month, members of the MPS program are allocated a number of points depending on whether consumption has fallen or risen relative to the specified limit values. Since Queen® joined the MPS program in 1998, our monthly score has remained stable above 70 points out of a possible 110, nurseries with more than 70 points are qualified for an MPS-A certificate, and our goal is to stay at the top.

"Today, we pay close attention to our consumption, and continuously test alternative production methods that are kinder to the environment - without compromising on quality," says Frands Jepsen, Managing Director.

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GAP stands for Good Agricultural Practice. Therefore, our MPS-GAP certificate no. 760007 emphasizes the fact that we meet the criteria for safe, sustainable and traceable production at a high-quality level. MPS-ABC is a prerequisite for achieving the MPS-GAP, and in addition, the maintenance of machinery is monitored and registered as well as how the employees handle pesticides and fertilizers. It means a lot to us to have earnt the MPS-GAP certificate, it affirms our safe production methods, and not least demonstrates our focus on continuously improving production and safety standards.The MPS-GAP certificate is part of MPS-Florimark Production, which is the leading quality mark for sustainable production.

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Our most recent certificate, the MPS-SQ, includes various health and safety, and employment conditions. SQ stands for Socially Qualified; therefore this certificate testifies that the plants are produced in a healthy working environment. We take responsibility for the safety and well-being of our employees in the workplace.

There is a list of requirements that we must meet, and these requirements deal with employment, discrimination, and equality between women and men as much as it deals with safety and procedures for machines and spraying. At the nursery we have first aid equipment in the form of first aid kits, defibrillators, etc. The list of requirements is long, and since this certificate relates to our employees it is incredibly important to us, as without a doubt, they should have the best working conditions.

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