Create a beautiful outdoor space with Queen® Flowers Outdoor

Summer calls for beautiful and colourful flowers. Did you know that you can also enjoy our kalanchoe plants outdoors? With plants from Queen® Flowers Outdoor, you can transform your terrace, garden or balcony into a beautiful and inviting outdoor space where you can while away the hours. They are perfect for flower beds, pots and planters. 

Queen® Flowers Outdoor are special kalanchoe varieties for outdoor use, making it incredibly easy to have a beautiful and verdant outdoor area that lasts all summer. The Outdoor series consists of stunning and colourful summer flowers that require minimal care. You can therefore spend your time in the garden relaxing instead. 

Guide to group planting

Do you want to plant your Outdoor kalanchoes together but are unsure about which pot size to use? Here’s a brief guide on how to plant our standard 10.5 cm potted plants together. 

The number of flowers depends on the shape and size of the pot. In addition, it is recommended that the flowers are planted close together as they do not spread. This only applies to our Outdoor kalanchoes and not to succulents. The succulents will grow larger over time.

Leave for summer vacation with peace of mind

Summer holidays usually mean time away from home. With our Outdoor kalanchoe plants, you can easily head off on vacation and know that you will come home to beautiful flowering pots and beds. Our outdoor flowers stay beautiful all summer long and can easily withstand drying out between watering. In fact, some unique features of our Outdoor flowers are that they are extra sturdy, need little maintenance and only need to be watered sparingly. 

Our plants can withstand even the most tempestuous summer weather

You can place your Queen® Flowers Outdoor plants anywhere in your outdoor space as they can withstand all variations of summer weather – sun, shade, rain and wind. As a unique feature, you will not have to spend time tending to and watering them often, as the summer rain usually does the job for you. If some flowers wither due to the summer heat, don’t nip them off – just leave them be. You will see how they bloom again and again over the summer.

Bring your outdoor space to life with our Outdoor succulents

Plants in the garden and terrace do not need to be in lush beds and large flowering pots. Small and dainty potted plants can add life and colour to your outdoor space. Our Outdoor range includes beautiful flowers and simple and sculptural succulents. Our succulents are extra sturdy and can easily withstand the summer heat outside. Like our kalanchoes, you can plant them either separately or together.