A Blossoming Garden

You can quickly craft the most beautiful outdoor space with our Outdoor flowers. Queen® Outdoor flowers are exceptionally resilient and withstand sun, shade, rain, and wind. Therefore, they are easy to place on the terrace or in the garden and require very little maintenance. Would you like to create this extra space with an open feel? You can watch an inspiring video further down, where you can gather plenty of great ideas and then plan your next cosy summer project. In the picture, the beautiful and feminine pink Outdoor flowers have been used, but they come in many beautiful colours.

Elegant Potted Plants

Outdoor plants don't have to be only lush beds and large flower pots. They can also be small, delicate potted plants and succulents! They create a different expression that spreads life and joy to your outdoor space throughout the summer. In the picture, one of our many beautiful potted plants has been used, combined with a sculptural succulent. Both plants can tolerate shade and sun, come in many different varieties, and require minimal care. The combination of large pots with Queen® Outdoor and smaller potted plants can create a colourful interplay. Let your imagination run wild and delight everyone around you with cosy surroundings.