Set the table for autumn with natural green succulents

Have you considered replacing colourful flowers with elegant succulents when setting a beautiful autumn table? Succulents are both stylish and decorative and are the perfect plant if you want a calm, simple and easy table setting. Succulents also offer the perfect opportunity to create a green and scenic setting indoors, especially when it’s cold and grey outside. 

Use varying sizes of succulents to create different levels on your autumn table, preferably combined with light linen colours, natural ceramics, stained glass and tealights. Nip the roots off the succulents and use them for napkin or plate decorations to add a lovely extra touch to the table. 

Succulents from Queen® Flowers

Succulents from Queen® Flowers are available in several different sculptural shapes and shades of green, ranging from a delicate and dusty green-grey shade to a deep, dark bottle green. Use different types of succulents to create a lovely interplay of colours on your autumn table. Place them down the centre of the table as a lush table runner that works naturally and beautifully as a decoration in itself. 

Our succulents are extremely low-maintenance plants that don’t require much care and can stay fresh without water for a long time. That’s why they make ideal decorations for table settings and other occasions, and are more than just a potted plant for your window sill or bookshelf.