Enchanting DIY Christmas Tree

With this easy DIY, you can create lovely, blossoming trees that adorn your Christmas table and various corners of your home. Perfect for sprinkling a good dose of Christmas magic throughout your living space. We have chosen to use white flowers in our lovely arrangement, but you can mix and match the colours to create precisely the expression that suits your Christmas style. So unleash your inner creative spirit and impress all your Christmas guests with the most beautiful holiday table.

See the video below to learn how to do it.

Craft Christmas Magic in Your Home

To create this utterly beautiful Christmas tree that brings enchantment throughout December, you will need

An optional "stand" or "base"

Oasis, you cut into a shape like a Christmas tree

A Queen® Flowers bouquet, bundles, or potted plants

Optional string lights for extra cosiness

A DIY guide for the most beautiful Christmas tree

First, cut your Oasis into the shape of a cone or a Christmas tree. Then saturate it with water. Soaking it with water also helps the flowers last longer.

Trim multiple small bouquets from your Queen® bouquet or bundle, preferably with a diagonal cut.

Insert the small bouquets into your Oasis. You can make a small hole with a thin stem first, as it will make it easier to insert the flower.

Continue until the "cone" is filled, after which you can gently place your "stand" in it.

If you wish to add a glow to the table, you can wrap string lights around the tree.

Now, all that's left is to enjoy the beautiful Christmas decorations.