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Care tips for all Queen® products

All the flowers from Queen® are extremely easy to handle. They require a minimum of care and they will decorate your home for several weeks. Below, we describe our 3 different products: Queen® potted plants, Queen® Outdoor and our new product Queen® cut kalanchoe – bouquets with 3 weeks’ guarantee of flowering.

Look for the Queen® logo when you buy kalanchoe. This is your guarantee for a long life and supreme quality. 

Queen® Kalanchoe

Queen® potted plants are not just beautiful, classic and elegant, they are also extremely easy to handle. They last for weeks, only need minimal watering, and they can be styled for any occasion. When exposed to direct sunlight the colour of the flowers will become more intense, while the leaves might turn a bit reddish. If in a darker place the flowers might fade a bit.

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Queen® Outdoor

Experiment with the colours and make your garden more romantic with delicate pastel shades or more lively and sparkling with shiny bright colours. They do not spread and can be placed where ever you want to add life, colour and atmosphere. Queen® Outdoor only need minimal watering, and it is ideal to let the soil dry out slightly between watering. Queen® Outdoor will bloom until the first frost.

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Queen® cut flowers

Queen® cut flowers are very easy to handle just like the potted plants. They have a guaranteed vase life of at least 3 weeks, and they often live even longer. If you cut the stems diagonally before putting them into the vase the flowers will decorate your home for many weeks. 
The water in the vase remains clear and odourless throughout the weeks, and you do not have to change it. 

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