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Queen® is owned by Knud Jepsen a/s, a world-leading producer and developer of kalanchoe.

Our head office and 120.000m2 nursery are located just north of Aarhus, Denmark. Cuttings are produced at additional facilities in Vietnam and Turkey, where the climate is particularly ideal for mother plant growth.

Today, we employ 120 people, producing 22 million plants a year and selling our products in 75 countries.


Nature has given us an excellent starting point for innovation. All Queen® plants have a natural robustness, which means they can withstand dry conditions and high temperatures for much longer than many other plants.

At our nursery in Denmark, our innovation team constantly sets new market standards for kalanchoë quality and plant growing conditions. Following major investment, our innovation centre includes modern greenhouses for the storage and propagation of elite, virus-free plants and chambers for climate optimisation. We continuously assess the life span of plant blooms in our longevity room. Our goal is to ensure our newest varieties are always a better alternative to existing varieties on the market.

The innovation team is also responsible for raw material quality control and the testing and implementation of new equipment and plant technology.


An intense innovation program at Queens breeding department has resulted in unique Queen varieties characterized with high ethylene resistance and longevity combined with beautiful colors.

Ethylene is a natural gas released from ripening fruits and vegetables, exhaust gas and cigarettes. Therefore, our ornamentals are exposed to ethylene during transportation, in stores as well as in the consumers homes.

Independent studies obtain at Nissen Consult showed, that our Queen varieties have the highest ethylene resistance on the market. On this basis we now guarantee that the Queen varieties will maintain the full flowering potential in stores as well as in homes.


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