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Proudly crafted

Nothing can match the skill of the dedicated craftsman when cultivating strong and healthy plants. At Queen®, we have worked hard to maintain our proud craftsman’s tradition since the founding of our nursery in 1939. 

Today our passion for quality and innovation lives in the broadest assortment of high quality kalanchoes on the market. Our nursery has grown into the largest of its kind in the world, making use of the latest eco-friendly technology. 


Our service stretches way further than delivering beautiful, long-lasting Queen® plants. We support you in your marketing efforts - right out to the consumer.

Queen® Colour Space Management is our concept for eye-catching store displays in seasonal shades. In close dialogue with you, we help optimise your sales by ensuring you have the right products at the right time and supplying added-valued solutions that bring dynamic appeal to store displays.

For consumers, fresh inspiration is always close at hand. Smart phone users need only scan the QR code on our packaging to gain access to all the latest trendy tips for using Queen® in the home.

A permanent in-store position is the precondition of success. Work closely with us to make Queen® work for you to increase your turnover and reduce waste

For more information please contact our sales departmenr. Phone +45 8698 6188.

5 good reasons for buying Queen® 

1. Queen® has the broadest assortment. From the classic, four-petalled Originals and romantic Roseflowers® to our MoreFlowers®, with the largest, most abundant flowers and longest life. The newest development Queen® CutFlowers supplements the existing assorment with long lasting flowers for buquets and decorations.

2. The long life of our plants reduces in-store waste and  secures higher profits.

3. Selected Queen® Outdoor varieties are suitable for planting outside until the arrival of the first frost.

4. Your customers appreciate beautiful, high quality products that are easy to care for. 

5. A trusted brand - Useful tips about care, design and styling are accessible on queen.dk. 

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Queen® White Label

  • Eye-catching displays and packaging

  • Protective packaging solutions

  • Save and easy transport

  • Simple and effective handling

  • Reduced condensation

    For more packaging options please contact our sales team
    Phone: + 45 8698 6188.

Queen® catalogue

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Queen® cut flowers

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