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Queen® Originals

A classic series based on the early kalanchoe varieties, Queen® Originals stand out for their large, long-lasting blooms in strong, vibrant colours – a great choice for many occasions and locations. Combine them in extravagant arrangements for outdoors and in.


Queen® RoseFlowers®

Create a romantic universe with Queen® RoseFlowers®. From delicate, rose-like buds, rich blooms emerge – distinctive for their luxuriant fullness. Appreciated for their many glorious shades, form and enduring high quality, they set the mood for a long romance.


Queen® MoreFlowers®

Queen® MoreFlowers® are simply designed to give more of everything – more class, more style, more passion and more indulgence. Extravagant eye-catching blooms adorn these charismatic plants for week after week. A special gift for that special someone.


Queen® CutFlowers

Queen® CutFlowers set a stunning, new standard for longevity in the cut flowers category. Comprising selected varieties, the elegant flowering stems keep their fresh, bright appearance for as long as our potted kalanchoes. Use them alone or in mixed bouquets. To be stored at minmum 10° C.


Queen® ElseFlowers

The original Queen® ElseFlowers is an interesting creation, thoughtfully developed by Queen® in 2017 to improve and enlighten the diversity of Queen® kalanchoes. Being the fi rst of its kind, the ElseFlowers took the market by storm. After an intensive development we now proudly launch a new generation of ElseFlowers with many beautiful fl owers and buds, vibrant colors and a tropical look. Take a closer look and explore the amazing art of nature, giving the fl owers a new vibe of wild and unexplored nature with its multi-colored fl owers. A new Queen® creation ready to meet the demands of the modern consumer.


Queen® Outdoor

Our Queen® Outdoor concept brings you easy-care varieties, proven to withstand the elements, whether rain, drought, wind, shade or full sun. Thriving at temperatures of 5-35°C, they are a beautiful addition to balconies, patios and gardens throughout Europe.
Do not cut back or pinch after flowering; with simple deadheading they will keep flowering until autumn’s frost.

Inspiring pictures and care instructions are included in their attractive, protective packaging. 


Queen® Green

The Queen® Green are all different species of kalanchoe. They are succulents and therefore they have a naturally long life. The plants only require sparse watering. An interesting alternative to the colourful Queen® species.


Queen® Added Value

With their classic Nordic designs and seasonal colours, our ceramic pots and planters are made to match each Queen® series. Watertight quality with a felt-padded base provides maximum protection for home furnishings.

For the ultimate in easy care, our tall pots and vases come with the Queen® Watering System – a base lining of absorbent oasis that keeps plants moist for longer without drowning the roots. Minimal watering required.

Ceramics with the Queen® Watering System have an informative label to highlight the benefits. 


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