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Let your creativity bloom!

A flower from Queen® offers several possibilities. In addition to its beauty the unique feature of the flower is its long life - both with and without water.

Calender decoration

Create a simple and elegant calender candle decoration with blooming flowers, which will last untill christmas.



Christmas surprise

Surprise your guests with a small (cheat) wrapped gift, which is neatly accessorized with red or white Queen® flowers. 

It is a beautiful and easy little DIT for the Christmas table, and your guests are guaranteed to be impressed.


New Years table setting

Set an elegant table for New Years celebrations with Queen® potted plants. 

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Festive welcome drink

Take a champagne cooler or a beautiful bowl, add some Queen flowers and place one large or several small bottles of champagne in the cooler or bowl.

Now your guests can enjoy a warm welcome with cool champagne!


By potting several Queen® flowers in one pot you can create nice, impressive decorations. Find a suitable pot and place the flowers adequately close to each other so they fit to the size of the pot.

Flowering ice cubes  

Fill an icing tray with water and cut the flowers of a potted plant or from your bouquet. Place the flowers - one or two in each of the ice cubes - and freeze overnight.

So easy can you make festive ice cubes that decoratively keep the champagne cold.

Place setting with an autum-nvibe

Place a small pumpkin on the plate of each guest and cover the table with flowers, pumpkins and candles.

In this way, you create the perfect autumn vibe in natural shades.

Autumn table setting

Set the table using small orange Queen® mini kalachoe plants instead of covering the table with a bouquet.

Mix the pumpkins, flowers and candels to set the right mood around the table.

Birthday celebrations

A small tip to fulfill the table setting is to use the same cups for drinks as for flowerpots.

Personal decorations

Personalize the table decorations by surprising each guest with a small gift wrapped in beautiful paper. Leave the gift nicely wrapped with flowers and a handwritten place card on the plate.

Decorative vase

Decorate your summer table with a see-through vase filled with small rocks and a bouquet in summer colours.



Elegant pot covers

Place a Queen® mini plant in a glass wrapped in a napkin or some other fabric. In this way you create small flower decorations.

Hanging vase

Create a pleasant atmosphere using a decorative vase hanging beautifully in different places of your home with colourful flowers in it.

Blooming candlestick

Achieve the ultimative cozy-combo in using flowers and candles i one decoration.

Place the flowers on the outside of a candlestick and combine the beauty in both.

A beautiful evening decoration 

Make a beautiful outdoor decoration that welcome your guests.

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Decorating a summer table

Use the blooming side shoots and get much more out of your Queen® bouquet.

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Easter decoration

Create a beautiful Easter decoration to decorate in your home or as a personal gift for the Easter holidays.

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Flower garland

A beautiful and elegant garland, as the ultimate hair accessory for summer parties.

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Table Decorations

It is easy to make beautiful table decorations and creative table cards. We have made a simple DIY guide for you.

Beautiful festive table

Make beautiful table decorations with Queen® flowers that complements any party.


Creative flowerpots

Be innovative and create a lovely atmosphere by using beautiful white paper bags as flower pots.


Elegant table decorations

Place Queen® cut flowers in a tall, slim vase and create a simple and elegant look.

Small bouquets

Create small decorative and simple bouquets. Place them in different vases and create a simple and elegant look.

Flower garland

Make a beautiful and elegant flower garland to decorate your dinner table.

We have made a simple DIY guide for you.

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Decoration for the tablesetting

Create small bouquets from your Queen® flowers and use them as decoration at the setting on the dinner table. 

Floating flowers

Cut off the heads of your Queen® Flowers and let them float in a bowl. Add some floating candles and create a nice little decoration. 


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